Your waste is a resource. You’ve heard that many times. But did you know that your waste can be YOUR resource? Many companies already recycle their own waste when their production process allows them to reintroduce it after a simple transformation.

Other companies are not so lucky, especially service, distribution and logistics companies; they produce packaging waste, it is removed and they do not always know where and how it is treated. It is therefore impossible for them to “close the loop” independently in a circular economy logic.

This is why VALOPTEAM has designed the Compensation Plastique® (Plastic Compensation) Programme (registered trademark).

This programme is made up of several blocks and allows companies that generate polyethylene packaging film waste to re-use these films in the form of new high or low density polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE) bags and films.

Companies eligible for the Compensation Plastique® (Plastic Compensation) Programme are those that are genuinely committed to the circular economy and generate sufficient volumes to ensure that the programme also results in a lower carbon footprint than at the outset.

Contact us for more information and to receive the Compensation Plastique® (Plastic Compensation) Programme : 00 33 9 84 59 92 99 or 00 33 6 08 11 01 13