Your plastic waste is a resource. It can be YOUR resource. We offer to transform your plastic waste into your recycled plastic raw materials or into recycled finished products (plastic sheets, injected recycled plastic pieces)

OtOur scientific team from Reims Champagne Ardenne University is specialized in the polymers conception.

PhD Sebastien Alix – PhD Polymers

Stéphane Buet – Study Engineer

Bruno Dameche – Director of Professions campus (specialized in PCR inclusion)

Thomas Binet – Polymers Engineer Trainee

Steps :

1- recyclability study

2-conception of plastic products or recycled raw materials

Companies eligible for the Compensation Plastique® (Plastic Compensation) Programme are those that are genuinely committed to the circular economy and generate sufficient volumes to ensure that the programme also results in a lower carbon footprint than at the outset.

Contact us for more information and to receive the Compensation Plastique® (Plastic Compensation) Programme : 00 33 9 84 59 92 99 or 00 33 6 08 11 01 13