We preferably offer reusable containers of collection.


Our one-use containers are always recyclable :

• Large cardboards / boxes with or without tops, with or without access window*
• HDPE plastic palet-box
• Steel cages
• Big bags with or without a frame
• Wooden boxes

Our containers /are adaptable to you needs and your storage capacity wether it is inside or outside.

We help you to choose them in order to facilitate the work of your staff and limit the time spent for waste sorting and management.
All the containers that we rent or sell are EU-normed. Our suppliers are nationally or internationnally reputed.


We offer a large range of sizes and models

So that you can move our containers with your usual equipments**.

*cardboards must lay on palets (we do not supply palets)
**you arrange the loadings of our trucks at your plant with your own transport and carry equipments