Gérer ses déchets dans le principe d’une économie circulaire

French Ministry of Ecologic and solidar transition has defined a guideline which defines from an operational point of view the transition that is needed to end up with a linear economic model (« manufacture, consume, throw away ») and enter a  circular model integrating the full life cycle of a product. In this guideline, you find questions about eco-conception, anti-waste and waste management.

At the same time, China decided in 2017 to close its doors to paper and plastics recyclables from Europe and consume the recyclables supplied by its own domestic market. These paper and plastic recyclables were sorted in Europe in classified plants dedicated to environment protection and they were sorted in high-technology sorting processes.

This caused a serious economic and technical unequilibrium in most of the companies dedicated to recycling especially which were nearly completely dedicated to supply materials to the Chinese market.

This major event confirms that the future of recycling in Europe is standing into local recycling solutions, circular econmy contributing to the economic development of our European regions.

VALOPTEAM proposes industrial waste management in the principle of circular economy

Industrials, medium and small companies, you achieve eco-conception in your product manufacturing, you save raw materials, you avoid to produce waste…

We propose waste management solutions in the principle of circular economy and for example :

  • re-integrating your production waste into a close or similar type of production
  • some local outlets for your waste or re-use solutions of your waste
  • some logistic and treatment solutions handled by local actors
  • some short and optimized transports

Circular economy is nowadays a preoccupation for many companies and is far above the simple waste producer responsabilty. It as also a competitive advantage for companies and their clients looking for excellence.

Contact us and let us speak about your project, we will put at your disposal our expertise and experiences in the field recyclables management !