VALOPTEAM, created in 2011 by its current manager Sophie Rossel, is a recycling and preparation company for recycled plastic raw materials supported by the AGIR POUR LA TRANSITION and AAP ORPLAST programmes of the ADEME. VALOPTEAM is a Champagne company registered with the RCS of Reims and which strives to produce in the spirit of French quality typical of its region.

Under the RECYCLE-SANS-CHIMIE® brand, we market quality plastic granules and shreds for injectors and extruders.

PVC – PMMA – PC – PET – PS – PE – PP

We do not aim at quantity but at quality and produce in small dedicated workshops very homogeneous and rigorously controlled materials. Injection moulding of transparent surface parts, extrusion of sheets and plates,… the RECYCLE-SANS-CHIMIE® range meets the challenge of purity and homogeneity.

Our orientations are those of carbon consistency, mechanical recycling as a priority over other modes of recycling, and local production. As a continuation of our production, we sell our products to industries that are concerned with their own carbon footprint and that avoid adding chemicals to their manufacturing processes.

Are you a consumer of recycled plastics?

VALOPTEAM supplies your PCR* or PIR* plastic granules. These are rigorously controlled in our laboratory in Charleville-Mezières and are the subject of a Technical Data Sheet and a Safety Data Sheet.

*PCR (post consumer recyclate) PIR (post industrial recyclate)

We can also conduct lab-scale tests and additional measurements for you as required.

Do you want to “close the loop” and recover your plastic waste and reintroduce it into your production?

In shredded or granulated form? We can grind your production waste to order.
In the form of semi-finished products? Our Plastic Offset® programme is a complete programme that allows you to receive certain semi-finished extruded or injected products from your waste.



Do you generate recyclable plastic waste?

VALOPTEAM offers you collection containers, transports and recycles your waste from France and Belgium. We provide a complete regulatory waste documentation guaranteeing you transparency on the circuit of your waste and your regulatory compliance.

You can also make contributions directly to our preparation or massification sites:


Reims (51)
Sedan (08)
Gorron (53)
Fontenay-le-Comte (85)


Aware that collection is a major issue for companies (space problems, ergonomics, staff awareness, etc.), we take a close interest in the businesses of our recyclable waste suppliers and design low-carbon collection models sector by sector of activity: we are particularly active in the POS and signage, distribution, construction, logistics and wine & spirits sectors.


Do you need advice or plastic recycling R&D? Will my purchase be recycled at the end of its life? I can’t find an outlet for my plastic waste, where do I look? I am a brand, an industrialist and I have to manage the end of life of my products after distribution, what can I do?

We put at your disposal our know-how and our research and development means used for the design of our recycled materials:

  • Study of recyclability,
  • Research into channels or treatment methods,
  • Assistance in setting up collection and return programmes for waste from your end-of-life products
  • This work is all assistance that we can provide to you


List of our services :
– Supply of recycled plastic raw materials
– Ecodesign of recycled plastics
– Preparation PCR (post consumer recycle) PCI (post industrial recycle)
– Mechanical recycling of plastic waste
– Characterisation, analysis and testing of plastics

Our commitments :
– Compliance with the regulations in force
– Traceability of your waste treatment circuit
– Issuance of regulatory documentation
– Low carbon operating procedures

Your regulatory documentation:
– Recycling certificates in accordance with art. 543-284 of the Environmental Code
– Our operating permits
– Our waste transport authorisations and approvals


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