Sophie Rossel, General Manager

North of France, B, NL, UK, D collections

Plastic and paper recycling

Alexandre Rodriguez

South of France, Spain collections

Plastic and paper recycling

Dorothée Tanazacq

Shared transports

Partnerships solidarity & social economy actors

Marie-Jeanne Giner

Transport and administration

Annex 7, follow-up documents

Specialized in the recycling of solid and sorted industrial waste, we are totally independent (limited company created in 2011) and we collect and recycle recyclables such as waste plastics and waste paper.

Thorough transparency through entire recycling process…

In comparison to other large established national waste companies, our specialised team concentrates on pre-sorted industrial waste produced within / from companies.

We collect and sort the waste, sending the various grades to our dedicated plants and sell to specialist producers that guarantee 100% of our recycled waste is carried out within Europe

We dedicate a significant part of our revenue and time in the field of plastic recycling (analyses, dismantling and separation trials of complex plastics, granulation trials with our industrial partners).

Close to the waste production places

We work closely with local, specialised recycling outlets and we use specialized service providers as close as possible to the waste production points in order to limit transports.

Our services and standards and uncomprimising

We collect within all of Europe, some specific solid production scraps. So we have built close links with local service providers in the field of transport, storage…of our recyclables. In order to respect the European législations throughout the entire chain of our obligations, we audit our service providers and we verify regularly their habilitations and authorisations.

In addition, we make a point of honor to guarantee transparancy of the full recycling process of your waste  and we supply a full set of compulsory documents.

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