We supply plastic recycled raw materials. We assist you in the design of your plastic recycled raw materials « PCR » (post-consumer recycle) or « PIR » (post-industrial recycle). We carry out characterizations, labtest, injection and extrusion tests. We supply datasheets of our own or from independent laboratory.

You want to switch from « virgin » plastic raw materials (from petrol cracking) to plastic recycled raw materials? Switch to recycled? We assist you from A to Z. Contact us on 00 33 9 84 59 92 99 or 00 33 6 08 11 01 13.

Producers of plastic recyclables, we supply you with containers, we collect and transport your recyclables and plastic by-products. We supply regulatory documents and we guarantee transparency on your recyclables route.

We propose low carbon collection and treatment solutions : minimal transports and adapted containers. We inform you every year of the greenhouse gases avoided thanks to your recycling activity.

Ecodesign and recycling are inseparable. You want to recycle your plastic waste or by-products but recycling is difficult? We support you in the eco-design of your products to be able to recycle your plastic waste or your plastic by-products. From a simple minor change to the complete study of an R&D project, we can help you.


List of our services :

  • Supply of recycled plastic raw materials
  • Ecodesign of plastic products
  • Preparation of pcr (post consumer recycle) and pci (post industrial recycle)
  • Mechanical recycling of plastic waste
  • Collection and recycling of plastic waste and by-products
  • Polymer characterisation, analysis and measurement


Our commitments :

  • Compliance with the regulations in force
  • Traceability of your waste treatment circuit
  • Delivery of regulatory documentation
  • Limitation of transport


Your regulatory documents :

  • Recycling certificate
  • Waste Tracking Form
  • Operating permits
  • Waste transport licence


Valopteam under the microscope…

Specialists in the recycling of industrial plastic waste, we are completely independent (EURL created in 2011) and provide for the collection and recycling of plastic recyclable waste and the supply of recycled plastic raw materials.

Far from the model of the large historical waste collectors, our specialised team focuses on previously sorted industrial waste deposits, mainly from companies, which can be regrouped and prepared to become plastic products for everyday consumption again.

We devote a significant portion of our revenue and time to innovation in plastic recycling.


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