We operate regulatory audits on hazardous and non hazardous waste management

Trained by ASFO Toulouse, Sophie Rossel operates your regulatory audits at your plant. We operate against a specific request or before your ISO14001 certification process and we adapt to your quality management model.

We supply you with a report mentionning at minimum :

  • status of existing waste mangement methods in each of your sites
  • gaps between this status and the regulaions
  • optimisation proposals about waste reduction and waste management

We emphasize on :

  • the storage of your waste in your plants
  • the compulsory documents
  • contracts with private companies
  • specific regulations per type of waste
  • your targets according to local waste management regional plans and programs

On top of these elements, European waste management principles forecast that companies waste should be avoided as much as possible. When they can’t be, they must be taken care of following some main principles :

  • transparence on the waste circuit
  • treatment methods hierarchy
  • closeness principle for the treatment of the waste, etc…

We include these principles in the optimization proposition that we do.