We offer different analyses depending on the objectives to be achieved:

  • Simple identification of a plastic waste or a plastic by-product, whether it is mono or multi-material
  • Characterisation of a material to be replaced by a recycled material

We accompany our samples of recycled plastic raw materials with a data sheet.

The content of this data sheet is agreed between us.

It involves many different data relating to :

  • Viscosity,
  • transparency,
  • stiffness, ….

Substituting a “virgin” raw material (from petroleum processing) with a recycled raw material is a process that requires precision and quality.

Only human-sized structures like ours, focused on quality and not volume, can achieve this with sustainable results.

Therefore, we participate in the testing of our recycled raw materials at our customers’ sites and conduct laboratory tests of our materials ourselves (extrusion and injection).