Characterisation of your plastic waste and plastic production offcuts

We characterise all plastic waste and plastic production offcuts received at our plastic recycling site (Sedan – 08) and massification sites (Reims – 51, Gorron – 53, Fontenay-le-Comte – 85).

How to determine a plastic material? What is my plastic waste made of? We can help you answer these questions by analysing your materials on the basis of samples in quantities and sizes agreed between us.

Pre-purchase recyclability study / eco-design

You are considering choosing a product that will one day become waste at the end of its life. You wish to check whether this product is recyclable: we conduct a study for you through laboratory work but also with the help of our knowledge of the sectors and their specifications in terms of quantity and quality. Your future waste may be fundamentally recyclable, but its quantity or packaging method may not be sufficient to allow a sustainable recycling solution.

Study of the recyclability of your waste

You no longer have any Technical Data Sheets and you wish to find recycling solutions for your waste. We carry out the necessary characterisations in the laboratory and propose recycling solutions.

These studies are carried out on a quotation basis.

Laboratory analysis of ground or granulated plastics and Technical Data Sheets

We carry out analyses on our productions at several levels in the same big bag. The homogeneity of the fluidity index and the purity of the materials are the two criteria rigorously controlled.

A Technical Data Sheet and a Safety Data Sheet accompany each of the materials in the RECYCLE-SANS-CHIMIE© range

Laboratory scale tests

If you would like us to carry out tests on recycled materials from your waste or on our recycled raw materials, we can do so.

injection testing of recycled plastics
extrusion testing of recycled plastics
thermocompression testing of recycled plastics

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Substituting a “virgin” raw material (from petroleum processing) with a recycled raw material is a journey that requires precision and quality.

Only human-sized structures such as ours, focused on quality and not volume, can achieve this with sustainable results.

Therefore, we participate in the testing of our recycled raw materials at our customers’ sites and conduct laboratory tests of our materials ourselves (extrusion and injection).