We supply recycled plastic raw materials (RPRM) of PIR (post-industrial recyclate) or PCR (post-consumer recyclate) nature with full traceability and within a regular supply scheme over several years.

Definitions :

PIR (post industrial recyclate) is a raw material recycled from production process waste. This waste has never been put into the consumer circuit.

PCR (post consumer recyclate) is a raw material recycled from consumer waste of any kind (e.g. the bumper of an end-of-life car, an empty yoghurt pot)

The notion is important because many companies are subject to standards that impact their production and their choice of raw materials, such as the so-called “food contact” or “cosmetic product safety” standards. These standards, which are quite old, sometimes recommend not using recycled raw materials. On the other hand, other regulations encourage the use of recycled raw materials, in particular the recent ones resulting from the AGEC law.

Our recycled plastic raw materials can be supplied in the form of :


  • Regrind 8 to 12mm (with or without dust removal) – different granulometry, contact us
  • Micronised (expanded PVC only)
  • Compound
  • Granulates


We study the feasibility of your specifications and provide you with samples and data sheets.